Console Logs

January 21st 2024: Introduction Post

I'm starting this website because I wanted to talk about the various games I've played and sometimes talk about game design mostly as a non professional hobbyist. At the current moment this website will remain basic and will not have a clear tagging system, nor will there be a separate page per blog entry unless I decide to update the code for it.

All in call there are a lot of games I would like to talk about because I do enjoy them. I will not be providing screencaps but I will link the game's page, any trailers, possibly dev social media if available. The format for each post that I'll be using will be the following.

A Title. Type of game (i.e. investigative, open world, adventure etc), Recommended play: Some games I will strongly suggest you play blind, others I recommend a tutorial and some friends. Ending type: Happy/ Sad/ Ambiguous. General Impressions will go after. If I add any other additionals I'll probably state it and I'll very likely put a spoiler tag like this

Anyways that'll be all! See you on the next post!